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Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Line-following Robot in Scratch

   I recently received a comment in my Scratch Messages box from VauHaEs, a Scratcher in Germany. He liked and complimented one of my shared projects (online at the Scratch web site) so I clicked on his name to view his profile. There, I was able to view all of the projects he had uploaded to the Scratch web site and I was immediately intrigued by his line-robot project
   Below is a screenshot of line_robot in action. When the green flag is clicked, an animated robot with two long, stiff arms tracks along the yellow line.
   In line­_robot, both the robot and its control are implemented in software, and the software is FREE!  I think this might be important to those that would like to ‘get into robots’ but can’t afford the $200+ cost of a Lego Mindstorms® kit.
   I've written a short description of the code VauHaEs wrote for this project. I remixed his project to simply the coding.
  You can view and download my remix at this link.
   You can view and download his original project at this link.
   You can request a free PDF of the description of his code by sending an email to