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Sunday, November 2, 2014

A List of Great Resources that Support Scratch

   I recently met with a group of K-12 educators interested in banding together to support the current usage of Scratch in classrooms and to develop strategies as to how to expand the number of teachers that will introduce Scratch to their students. An agenda item asked that everyone report on the Scratch resources they knew were available on the web so that a list could be compiled, distributed, and kept current.
   What follows is the list generated from our first meeting. As new resources are discovered, I will update the list.

Scratch Resources You May or May Not Know About

(1) Scratch MIT -

(2) Scratchjr MIT -
     Available as a free iPad APP at the App Store
     Scratchjr available as Web Browser in 2015

(3)  Android - (read the About Us)

(4) Scratch Education - Now at Harvard - Web Site Called Creative Computing
   Free Downloads: (1) Scratch Educators Guide (2) Scratch Student Workbook
   (3) Both the Guide and Workbook in editable PowerPoint format.

(5) Computational Thinking with Scratch Site
   What is computational thinking?
   How do I assess the development of CT?
   How do I support the development of CT?

(6) One Hour of Coding with Scratch - December 8-14, 2014

(7) Raspberry Pi ­- a $35 computer (cannibalize old keyboards, monitors, etc.)
     Scratch 1.4 is already loaded into the module but so are web browsers for
     accessing Scratch 2.0.

(8)  Google’s Scratch-based site.

(9) Report of a Workshop on The Scope and Nature of Computational Thinking
         Committee for the Workshops on Computational Thinking
            Computer Science and Telecommunications Board
Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences

(10) This is a Scratch-based curriculum designed for grades eight and up.
Exploring Computer Science

(11)  Exploring Computer Science curriculum and Principled Assessment of Computational Thinking

(12) Computer Science Unplugged
Designed for classrooms that do have computers or access to computers. There are a lot of great ideas that would make great Scratch programming projects.