Thursday, February 11, 2021

How to Use Make a Block in Scratch

   Scratch 2.0 introduced the Make a Block option that made recursion easy to implement in Scratch.
  The mechanics of using Make a Block need explaining as the process for making a block and how variables are handled in Make a Block are different than the mechanics for creating a variable under the Orange variable menu. 
   When you click on the Make a Block option the following menu appears.
   This menu was used to create the Make a Block shown below.

   Note that the define top block is red with the name square and the variable side length also in red. The arrow indicates the variable used in the move block is taken from the define block itself and not the orange variable menu. The orange and blue blocks were taken from their regular menus.
   This Make a block was used to create ten squares, each a different color and side length.

   The purpose of this project is to illustrate the mechanics of using Make a Block. A later post will focus on the programming power of Make a Block.
    Teachers and students might be interested in a free PDF tutorial that describes this project in more detail. The tutorial can be obtained by emailing a request to
   You can also view and download another Make a Block project by clicking on the following link.

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