Thursday, January 14, 2021

Scalene Triangle Mouse Using the Law of Cosines

   In the December 21, 2020 post (Coding Math Concepts as Tests of Student Comprehension) I presented the problem of coding a scalene triangle as a challenge considerably tougher than just learning the definition of a scalene triangle and examining a few triangles.
   I felt there was a crudeness to the method I used and even published an Addendum December 23, 2020 (Addendum to Scalene Triangle Mouse I) that 'fixed' the heading problem presented by the go to that drew the third leg. In this post, I offer another method for drawing a scalene triangle that uses the law of cosines taught in s first trigonometry course.

   The method is straight forward and essentially requires coding the angle formulas shown in the following diagram since the program asks the user to set the lengths of the three sides to different values (the definition).

   Teachers and students might be interested in the free PDF file that describes the Scratch program in more detail. If interested, send an email requesting Scalene Triangle Mouse II and I will end you a copy that holds no copyright. I will also send upon request the Word file that can be changed if you don't have Adobe.

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