Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Distance Formula in Scratch

   I've written a short tutorial (in pdf format) that takes you step by step through the process of coding, in Scratch, the distance formula from analytic geometry.
   The tutorial follows the Algorithmic Thinking Model (see the December 2012 post, Algorithmic Thinking) that teaches that programming (or, to use the current term, coding) is a set of skills and not a single skill.
   View this short video that shows one of the Scratch scripts discussed in the tutorial. In the video, an ant chases a mouse-pointer as the pointer is moved around the screen. The distance between the ant and the mouse-pointer is computed using the distance formula.
   The script stops if the distance between the ant and the mouse-pointer is less than one.

   You can obtain a free copy of the Distance Formula Tutorial describing how to code the distance formula to create the script seen in the video by sending and email request to grandadscience@gmail.com.

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